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Перевод слова

Перевод: account speek account

счет ; расчет ; подсчет ; отчет ; доклад ; сообщение; мнение; оценка ; отзыв ; основание; причина ; значение; важность ; польза ; выгода ; фактура ; торговый баланс;
считать; признавать; отчитываться; рассматривать как; составлять определенную часть; приписывать; рассматривать; объяснять; отвечать; приходиться


  1. Had the company elected to spread the initial surplus forward, the shortfall would have been sheltered, because the majority of the surplus would not yet have been released to the pl account by the time of the next valuation.
  2. BARRY FRY wants to put Stan Flashman through the wringer by forcing the man dubbed "Fat Stan" to account for yesterday's decision to sack him as Barnet manager before an industrial tribunal.
  3. It always surprised him that, apparently taking no account of him, she could yet recall comments he had made months earlier.
  4. In the same year, Lyman Spitzer's slim volume Physics of fully Ionised Gases gave a canonical account of the theoretical basis of high-temperature plasma physics and the first real text-book on the subject.
  5. Although no incentive frills are attached to a National Savings Investment Account, the variable interest rate paid gross (currently 11.75 per cent) tends to be around 3 per cent higher than the best net rates offered by the major competitors.
  6. For a comprehensive account on the subject of private press and press books, the collector is referred to such books as Roderick Cave, The Private Press (1971).
  7. It would be easy to dismiss "softing" as an esoteric corner of the stock market which could be ignored, if it did not account for one deal in every six.
  8. In 1774 he published An Account of the Rise, Progress and Present State of the Society for the Discharge and Relief of Persons Imprisoned for Small Debts .
  9. Of him therefore the hymned and reviled, the loved and loathed, spendthrift and miser, king and beggar of King Richard Yea-and-Nay, so made, so called, I thus prepare my account.
  10. Pliny's account naturally didn't go into the details of the mechanics of the eruption, but his account is so illuminating that it is quite clear what happened, and similar eruptions, blasting large volumes of pumiceous ash into the air are still called Plinian eruptions.
  11. The Commissioner also accepted assurances by the five Secretaries of State involved that they never issue warrants without a careful review of the papers and a proper consideration of the matters which they are required to consider and take into account under the Act.
  12. But more than 14 years after the Milwaukee Project started, and long after its spokesman's claims have been absorbed into the consciousness of editors, politicians, judges, school boards, parents and social theorists, as well as into countless text books and lecturers' notes, no scientific account has been published.
  13. It is in short a most lucid account of an extraordinary assemblage of mammals and there are many fine stories.

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