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Перевод слова

Перевод: achieve speek achieve

достигать; добиваться; выполнять; успешно выполнять; доводить до конца


  1. "The rate of work with an umbilical hose system is much higher than that you could achieve with one man and a tanker driving from store to field."
  2. The National Curriculum has the virtue of concentrating the mind on the requirement of variety, but we must recognise that adequate provision of variety is in practice very difficult to achieve, calling for intense and careful planning.
  3. Community forests can achieve returns of 5-;7%, while native broadlands in the lowlands can achieve returns of 4-;5% where the amenity value of the land in its existing use is not high, the Forestry Commission says.
  4. Specific sites away from shipping lanes, fishing grounds, submarine cables and so on are isolated in a way difficult to achieve on land.
  5. The point about any particular tactic is that it should only be used to achieve a definite and known result.
  6. Generally this approach seemed to achieve its aim, and was welcomed by many librarians as an alternative to a more rigid system based on pre-stated objectives."
  7. At last it was possible for them to achieve absolute precision.
  8. Bearing in mind what the patient can and cannot do for himself, the nursing interventions to achieve the set goals can then be selected according to local circumstances and available resources.
  9. She really wanted him to teach the swimming, believing that they might achieve for Nails, even if only because they were frightened not to; that was the reason she had made herself be nice to him, inviting him to come up when Miss Bedwelty came.
  10. Because of this, they are difficult to flush out of the aquifer under standard conditions, and in situ biodegradation may be the only technically and economically feasible way to achieve remediation.
  11. The idea was that through deconditioning, unblocking, a ventilation of the soul ("airing your problems"), it was possible to achieve some kind of frank and freeflowing exchange.
  12. Libraries of this kind normally aim to achieve a certain standard of appearance in their bookstock, though the standard itself is inevitably governed by the size of the bookfund.
  13. Meanwhile, Scottish athletes and officials yesterday angrily rejected as "useless" an offer by the Scottish Commonwealth Games Council to extend the time limit to achieve the qualifying standards for New Zealand.

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