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Перевод слова

Перевод: act speek act

дело; поступок ; акт ; действие; деяние; процесс ; закон ; постановление; игра ; номер ; миниатюра ; притворство;
действовать; работать; поступать; вести себя; влиять; оказывать действие; замещать; играть на сцене; играть; исполнять роль; притворяться; прикидываться


  1. Furthermore, the Act allows pupils' family backgrounds, ages and aptitudes to be taken into account by the school in determining whether an act of collective worship which is not of a broadly Christian character takes place in the school.
  2. This was rewritten in the bankruptcy-reform act of 1979, to make it easier for firms to use.
  3. The Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890, unified previous housing legislation and remained the principal Housing Act until the consolidating Act of 1925.
  4. The 1989 Children Act is a major piece of legislation, tidying up a tangle of previous law (including the Wills Act, 1837 and the Mines and Quarries Act, 1954), and setting a new agenda for British public child care practice.
  5. ABOVE The initiation scene from Act II of The Magic Flute.
  6. The "creation" of proteins by DNA is significant because many proteins act as enzymes .
  7. The Beeb can reasonably ask the government to recognise these latent contradictions, and to get its ideological act together before it unveils (in a paper scheduled for the summer) its own proposals for the corporation's future.
  8. Byu today's standards the Victorian Act made divorce neither easy nor simple.
  9. Each registered nurse, midwife or health visitor is accountable for his or her practice, and in the exercise of professional accountability shall: act always in such a way as to promote and safeguard the well-being and interests of patients/clients.
  10. The system enables users to collate information downloaded to them from point-of-sale laptop systems and also to act as a point of information transfer between staff in the field and the head office.
  11. In any event the latter, being subsequent, would impliedly repeal, and so prevail over, any provisions in the earlier Act with which it was not consistent.
  12. The Institute had hoped that the Department of Trade and Industry would replace the existing Companies Act legislation with new provisions based on the Directives, but this route has apparently been dismissed by the DTI in its consultative document on implementation, because it would require primary legislation.
  13. by carrying any remaining surplus ACT forward to reduce tax liabilities of future accounting periods.

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