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Перевод слова

Перевод: actual speek actual

настоящий; подлинный; фактически существующий; фактический; действительный; актуальный; современный; текущий


  1. And each took over after an assassination - in Liverpool's case, an actual one (that of Spencer Perceval, killed by a mad gunman in 1812).
  2. Although the school does not receive its budget share in actual cash, it is still free to decide exactly how the money is to be spent.
  3. We have several apartments for 2-;4 people dotted around San Antonio and your actual apartment will be allocated on arrival in Ibiza; it will be one of those featured in the brochure or one of similar standard.
  4. The reason for the actual results is not hard to determine; as Mandel pointed out:
  5. The figures are big enough to put potential (and expected) savings on a par with actual consumption of the other four primary fuels - coal, oil, gas and nuclear.
  6. A product's actual ingredients are subject to some variation depending on the local supplier, the region of the country and the season of the year.
  7. The actual number out of work and receiving benefit fell last month by 3,010 to 2,707,477 or 9.6 per cent.
  8. This in turn led to DoE Circular 22/83 which recommends that planing gain is only reasonable where it can be said to fairly and directly relate to the actual development being proposed.
  9. Indeed, if we as a magazine were to reflect accurately the role of "traditional" design relative to its actual usage, we might manage about one page per issue.
  10. At the start of the exercise, the actual procedure was checked against a conceptual model that included the activities deemed necessary to achieve the agreed transformation.
  11. It is certainly out of proportion to their actual size, but is in my view a healthy thing.
  12. Having got the Party in, its research was thought to supersede, no doubt, any actual knowledge of political history beyond what was available in office memory.
  13. But when we talk about our conscious experiences we are providing our listener with only a very crude approximation to the actual phenomenal content of experience.

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