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Перевод слова

Перевод: allegiance speek allegiance

верность ; лояльность ; преданность ; верноподданство; вассальная зависимость


  1. Parties will suffer as much from supporters who don't turn out to vote as from those who have switched allegiance: perhaps we loathsome glitterati can help there?
  2. Anybody who swears allegiance to United must share the same sense of dismay at what has happened, and what is still going on - for me, it's almost a sense of revulsion.
  3. Rigorists rejected compromise: they would surrender nothing and understood it to be of the essence of their Christian allegiance that every Lord's day they would unfailingly celebrate the eucharist.
  4. Extremists, therefore, were responsible for diverting the working class from allegiance to common interest, to the path of class conflict:
  5. From Carson to Paisley one finds the argument that it is legitimate to fight to regain one's fundamental freedom if the sovereign with whom one has covenanted one's allegiance betrays that allegiance and conducts one into slavery.
  6. The danger is that there will be a careful selection both of members with primary allegiance to different and even hostile interests, and of officials preoccupied with their careers.
  7. In order to win West Bank allegiance in the face of Israeli and Jordanian competition, the PLO had to find a local partner.
  8. The Beatles sang: "Let it be" and had switched allegiance from the Maharishi to Mother Mary and then shocked the world by their final break-up, with John Lennon denouncing and renouncing all the Sixties had stood for, from Kennedy to the Beatles themselves.
  9. Protestant commentators were very aware that the papacy retained the right to depose excommunicated rulers, and took little comfort from the fact that many English recusants had taken a special oath of allegiance to the crown.
  10. It has allowed itself to be outsmarted by governments who are not afraid to bend the rules in their favour, aided and abetted by American multi-nationals whose allegiance is to the United States, naturally.
  11. It represents a radical and all-embracing transfer of allegiance.
  12. After the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 Parliament prescribed an oath of allegiance which denied that the Pope had any authority to release Roman Catholics from their allegiance to the King.
  13. Even supposing that we do destroy Hitler this will probably lead to a revolutionary situation in Germany, controlled by puppets who owe allegiance to another Power.

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