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Перевод слова

Перевод: assassin speek assassin

убийца ; террорист


  1. True enough, Jaq had known the secret essence of the matter ever since his application to the Officio Assassinorum was fulfilled - his request for an Assassin with previous experience of a Genestealer-infested world, and one who could pose as a sophisticated mistress.
  2. In the name of God, and speaking of the Sultan, not merely as a man, but as the Great Assassin, I say "God damn the Sultan!"
  3. He was murdered in 1969 and his assassin did not hesitate to put the blame on the "big men".
  4. His films cover a wide range of subjects and genres, from the futurist science fiction world of QUE LA FETE COMMENCE and THE JUDGE AND THE ASSASSIN to the wonderful evocation of the modern day Cote D'Azur in THESE FOOLISH THINGS.
  5. The assassin nodded.
  6. He was slain by a poisoned crossbow bolt fired by a Dark Elf assassin after bringing word to the Dark Elves' enemy.
  7. The assassin missed both; not so the firing squad in the Mexican city of Quertaro where the dream of empire ended with the shooting of the Emperor Maximilian.
  8. The Great Assassin had insulted civilization (loud cheers), and by all manner of hellish iniquities had outraged every Christian sentiment.
  9. "That wasn't an assassin, Ari.
  10. Mr Athulathmudali's bodyguard said he had shot at the assassin, but believed he had missed.
  11. In a video nasty, full of mayhem, broken bones and bloodied noses, Wimbledon's midfield mugger explains just why he is such a feared assassin.
  12. She slept alone in secret places, and not even enough alcohol to send a mudwrestler under the table would slow her assassin's reflexes.
  13. "That does not make Bruce an assassin."

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