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Перевод слова

Перевод: assault speek assault

нападение; атака ; штурм ; приступ ; высадка десанта с боем; нападки ; словесное оскорбление и угроза физическим насилием; насилие; изнасилование;
нападать; атаковать; штурмовать; идти на приступ; грозить физическим насилием; набрасываться; изнасиловать


  2. The widow of Indonesian dictator Ahmed Sukarno pleaded guilty to assault and disorderly conduct in a plea bargain.
  3. The practical problems are that there may be no evidence of violence on the woman's body, which usually means that the case will be a question of the victim's word against the defendant's; this may lead the police to be sceptical of the woman's complaint, or may incline the prosecutor to accept a plea of guilty to the lesser charge of indecent assault.
  4. Already under a probation order for attacking a songwriter the previous year, he found himself on another assault charge.
  5. Whether the prosecution can prove attempted rape rather than the lesser offence of indecent assault will often depend on proof of the defendant's intention to go beyond the indecent acts already committed.
  6. The essence of the crime of assault, as distinct from battery, is that it involves an apprehension of the immediate application of unlawful force.
  7. Although many cases of sexual assault also involve significant physical violation, this is not always so, and the essence of many sexual assaults lies in their destruction of the freedom of choice in the most intimate area of personality, and in psychological damage.
  8. Anywhere other than a rugby pitch it would have been common assault.
  9. The defenders of the neighbourhood we visited, known as Popavgaj, said the Serbs launched the assault to drive out the inhabitants and gain a foothold in Sarajevo's eastern hilltop trenches.
  10. And it was hard to fight, your trousers down; ripped by Parker's first assault; the thought buzzed his head, he was fighting like a girl.
  11. He had initially been charged with assault and the rape indictment was added during the trial as it emerged that such a charge was appropriate.
  12. Mr and Mrs Robinson, who own the house but have divided it into single bed-sits for Social Security tenants, told police that at first they thought their son had been a victim of cot death syndrome, but a post mortem examination revealed the murder and assault.
  13. Mr Justice Mantell said that Paul Taylor, 27, who was nearing the end of a three-and-a-half-year term for theft and assault at the time of the riot in April, 1990, had taken part in some of the worst violence.

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