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Перевод слова

Перевод: assumption speek assumption

принятие на себя; присвоение; притворство; высокомерие; надменность ; самонадеянность ; предположение; допущение; вступление; вступление в должность; успение


  1. To show that this assumption is false I need, of course, to supply an alternative explanation.
  2. Such an assumption however overlooks the mundane unproductive work which is common in any office (e.g. filling in time-sheets!).
  3. Unfortunately for them, the assumption in this case was false.
  4. They evidently worked on the assumption that no one at the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society ever actually listened to the records.
  5. Such trust arose from the implied assumption that, "Our guests are gentlemen."
  6. Such work, however, rests on the assumption that there is such a figure, waiting to be accurately counted if only the right techniques can be developed.
  7. These new control theorists have mostly ignored the simplistic classical assumption that "proportional punishment" will guarantee effective deterrence.
  8. As a reader my assumption has always been that nothing "happens": Africans and their descendants were not, in any sense that matters, there ; and when they were there, they were decorative - displays of the agile writer's technical expertise.
  9. There is a subtle but very real difference in where you place the emphasis, and the interviewer will not then automatically make the assumption that there was something lacking in you which caused you to be made redundant.
  10. The White Paper makes the bland assumption that this will be provided by the Resource Management Initiative.
  11. In some traditional reading books there was a clear assumption that boys were leaders and girls were followers.
  12. This method assumes that "irrelevant" variables can be controlled, an assumption which is, in many cases, completely unjustifiable.
  13. The spending plans were laid down on the assumption of no recession.

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