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Перевод слова

Перевод: autocratic speek autocratic

властный; самодержавный; автократический; деспотический; неограниченный


  1. Cramped cabins, often shared by several people and autocratic captains made life on board uncomfortable.
  2. He was head of the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) until his fall from grace in 1983, when it was thought that Ne Win, Burma's autocratic ruler since 1962, perceived him as a threat to his leadership.
  3. Studies suggest that autocratic, strict (i.e. undemocratic) parental domination tends to produce conforming children while (in the process) undermining their initiative.
  4. Monetary growth was last seriously squeezed in 1984, during the autocratic tenure of President Chun Doo Hwan.
  5. In the late 1970s another insider academic experienced this autocratic preference for silence when he was served a notice under the Official Secrets Act.
  6. The Freud who emerges from these recollections of one of his prize patients is evidently quite sincere, "liberal" in a Hampstead-ish way, thoroughly well-intentioned, but dogmatic, arrogant and autocratic.
  7. Magistrates became so familiar with this procedure that, in some courts, the "usual conditions" came to be attached to the granting of bail to striking miners in a way that seemed both autocratic and inevitable.
  8. It seemed certain to boost his reputation as a survivor and to stifle growing discontent with his autocratic leadership.
  9. However, the type of cynicism greeting the arrival of Haines, who was officially introduced to the media yesterday on his second day in office, smacks very much of a "Pavlov's dogs" response which assumes every move the Club makes is anachronistic and autocratic and therefore automatically to be shot down in flames.
  10. The old fears of Russia's autocratic, ultra-centralised state were surely right.
  11. Birkett appears to feel a personal hostility to Mary Kingsley and her autocratic ways, rather than antagonism towards her imperialist activities.
  12. In Andhra Pradesh, the autocratic rule of the former film star, Mr N.T. Rama Rao, has led to a steady haemorrhage of defectors from his Telugu Desam party to the Congress.
  13. They cited the Joint Declaration's promise of "a legislature constituted by elections", and warned that without democracy, the autocratic machinery of colonial government might prove far less benign in China's hands.

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