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Перевод слова

Перевод: autonomy speek autonomy

автономия ; самоуправление; право на самоуправление; автономное государство; автономная область


  1. The Company felt very pleased when in 1717 it received an imperial decree giving it a good deal of the territorial autonomy for which its ambitious employees had hoped in the 1680s and, in return for an annual payment of 13,000 rupees, freed it from paying customs duties inside India, but there is no sign that the Company realized that developments of this sort showed the Moghul Empire was beginning to lose control of the country.
  2. Gerry : Autonomy is fundamental but so is unity.
  3. Given the initial insistence upon the autonomy of the individual, each exercise of state power which places limits upon freedom of action requires a justification.
  4. They represent an attempt to retain autonomy through prior expression of will, after the ability to choose and act on the choice has gone.
  5. Power over individuals or autonomy rely on the control of personal information.
  6. It was a branch which was highly resistant to any tendency perceived as likely to vitiate the traditional autonomy of WEA branches.
  7. The ubiquitous expression of dependence and nurturance through the essentially mandatory giving and receiving of food does not, contrary to what might be expected, significantly constrain individual autonomy, at least in part because "balanced" reciprocity (Sahlins 1972), involving the accounting of gifts and the expectation of equivalent return, is neither expected nor, in fact, permitted within the community.
  8. She connects psychological variables like parental contact and control, extended family and peer care and contact, the girls' autonomy and responsibility, their hostility and suspicion towards the world, and their early sense of themselves as adult women rather than children, to specific social, political and economic oppressions which affect them.
  9. Lindblom's main point is that where local policy-makers have not made the decisions they will be slow to take action to implement them, and the significant degree of local state autonomy on questions of social policy suggests that this would be a situation easy to envisage.
  10. Several concepts reinforce and give explicit cultural expression to this sense of individual autonomy; especially significant in this regard are the concepts of pehunan and segat .
  12. Autonomy
  13. But to the anorexic, that last phrase is a contradiction in terms: autonomy and femininity have been shown to be irreconcilable.

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