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Перевод слова

Перевод: bank speek bank

банковый; банковский;
вал ; насыпь ; откос ; берег ; отмель ; банка (отмель) ; нанос ; занос ; крен ; уклон виража; залежь ; пласт ; банк ; ряд весел; комплект ; набор ; группа ; скамья ; верстак ; место хранения запасов;
сгребать; наваливать; делать насыпь; окружать валом; образовать наносы; запруживать; делать вираж; накреняться; играть шара от борта; класть в банк; откладывать; держать в банке; быть банкиром; метать банк


  1. He is now a large shareholder in a bank and has companies in Australia and Canada, as well as investments in Madeira, including the Hotel Savoy, banking and the tobacco industry.
  2. A SENIOR director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development flew back from Budapest last night to assess damage to the bank's London headquarters after Friday night's IRA bomb explosion.
  3. If Barclays application to join the Switch network - started by Midland and Royal Bank of Scotland - is successful the electronic direct debit network will expand by at least 30,000 terminals over the next year and a half.
  4. When we destroy this "genetic bank" we may also kill our hope for feeding our planet in the future.
  5. For instance, holders of the Royal Bank of Scotland's cashline card can obtain pesetas from the Spanish Banco Santander, free of charge.
  6. There were meadow browns, small skippers, and even painted ladies flitting among the tall flowering grasses on the canal bank, bending them over as they settled, knocking off the pollen in puffs of fine, yellow mist.
  7. The income tax treatment is borne out by the decision in Brown v Bullock , 40 TC 1, concerning a bank's subscription to a London club on behalf of its West End manager.
  8. When visiting the house agent, bank, garage or pet shop or making plans for the wedding reception and so on, go through the events mentally first.
  9. A "sunset raid" yesterday in the Victorian Supreme Court by the National Australian Bank appointed receivers to six of the Bond Corporation's brewery businesses and threatens to topple the entire organisation.
  10. The bank machines were situated too high in the wall, so are not easily operated from a wheelchair (many of the instructions were not visible).
  11. He must have been crouched behind a bank of snow watching him all the time as he came struggling and panting up the long slope.
  12. Former business analyst at a merchant bank.
  13. Although Mr X was a director of the "bank", his defence was that he acted in good faith; indeed, said the defence, such was his faith in the word of his associates that he had invested, and lost, his own money in the venture, always acting on the advice of his colleagues', without ever questioning it.

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