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Перевод слова

Перевод: basement speek basement

основание; фундамент ; подвал ; полуподвальный этаж; подвальный этаж; цокольный этаж


  1. Inversion of a basin undoubtedly involves movement of the underlying basement.
  2. At Mrs Parvis's the metal meat-safe hanging from its nail outside the basement room never contained meat, only sausages and suet, with bluebottles buzzing round.
  3. All the floorboards had been removed, and the ceilings and plasterwork had crashed down into the basement with the weight of water pouring through the roof.
  4. Some of the boys followed and we went down into the basement and I turned the phonograph on as loud as it would play.
  5. One set of doors led through to where a sign marked "The Studio" took me down a flight of stairs to the basement beneath, the cosiness and warmth of which was a welcomed contrast to the watery excesses above.
  6. The prisoners in the basement were dehumanised, blindfolded, anonymous "subversives".
  7. The cube building is the base, with consulting rooms in the basement and the sides of the cube are a honeycomb of booths soft furnished with couch, video screen, audio input - and the article as common in every house as the telephone once was, the communications terminal, enabling me to key-in my needs.
  8. The remaining basement space was devoted to poster printing machines, and the furnace at the back, where the asbestos cards, each in the form of a page, were placed in moulds for molten lead to flow around them producing curved plates, one for each page.
  9. Cartoonists showed the White House half-askew on this basement, noxious odours rising from the grates, while the President snoozed upstairs.
  10. The whole morning was a fair to average shambles, even when we got back to Battalion HQ We found the basement at Cadogan Gardens full of fainting civilians - mostly rather pretty girls."
  11. Leonard also had a little room in the basement in which a piano was kept, where they spent much time together.
  12. A model was exhibited in a basement near Byres Road that showed a garden Glasgow, green spaces and stands of trees punctuated by pretty towers and an ultra-modern sunken railway system.
  13. They had a cavernous basement room which they had painted apricot and white, to cheer it up; it was furnished with a double divan, two very old arm-chairs with curvaceous rolled arms and head-rests, plum and plushy and dusty, a second-hand stained-oak office desk, where Roland worked, and a newer varnished beech desk, where the typewriter sat.

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