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Перевод слова

Перевод: bet speek bet

пари; ставка ; предмет ; человек ;
держать пари; биться об заклад


  1. "I'll bet it was that woman who went to see the house after us yesterday.
  2. "I bet you'd never leave a place in a state like this!"
  3. If theatre artists of this calibre are prepared to launch a production from Plymouth, it seems a fair bet that the Theatre Royal management has got its act together.
  4. "And you know the two foresters who live here in the village: they're fine when they're at home, but when they go to the village they're responsible for, in Dolpo, I bet they carry on like all the others do, terrorizing people.
  5. "She's gone off with another bloke, bet you anything."
  6. He'll bet there's no milk in the fridge.
  7. I'll take a bet on it being peaceful, however.
  8. London Life , covering a party held by the National Sun and Air Association, went into some detail in describing the magician Mr Tony Alexander, who, despite his absence of clothing, managed to Produce cards and handkerchiefs from thin air and won himself a round of applause - and a five pound bet into the bargain.
  9. All money bet on a certain race is placed in a pool, of which the winning tickets get a portion.
  10. Money-Go-Round: Societies prove better bet
  11. I was a gambler on a winning streak: it didn't matter what number I placed my bet on, it always came up a winner.
  12. If you go to the racecourse you can bet at the course's own betting shop or go out into the "betting ring" where bookmakers have odds chalked up on boards.
  13. Instead the Tories best bet for a deal of any sort - although it is likely to fall short of a formal pact - is with the Ulster Unionists.

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