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Перевод слова

Перевод: blaze speek blaze

пламя; вспышка ; яркий свет; яркий цвет; блеск ; великолепие; клеймо; метка ; белая звездочка;
гореть; пылать; полыхать; пыхать; сиять; сверкать; кипеть; отмечать зарубками; проторять; клеймить; делать значки; разглашать


  1. When Dustin heard news of the ensuing blaze, he rushed back to the scene, and was able to push through the gaping crowds to pull three of his modern paintings and a Tiffany lampshade from the smoke-filled Federal-style building, before the police prevented him from re-entering the house.
  2. The membrane broke open and he found himself looking at a little horse's head lying upon a pair of stretched out forelegs, a perfect little head with shell-like curling nostrils and a narrow white blaze, and wet, flattened-down ears.
  3. The blaze commenced one lunchtime when few people were in the premises, so there was no loss of life, but it took a long time for the blaze to be brought under control and some days before the firemen were able to be sure that there was no risk of further outbreaks of fire.
  4. Join Axel and Blaze for more gob-smacking action as they again take on the hordes of Mr Big.
  5. He is bowed in light, winged in a blaze of ghost:
  6. But although there was ample room lengthways for sitters to draw back from the blaze sufficiently for comfort, there was less space broadways-on, so that the pairs had to sit fairly close together - which suited Alexander Ramsay very well, for he shared a bench with Mariot.
  7. Details of the materials in the chapel were not known at the time the official report into the 60 million blaze was put together.
  8. Scotland Yard refused to identify the victims of Monday night's blaze at Earlsfield, south London.
  9. Stockton says "what we witness today in M87 may be only a feeble remnant of a blaze kindled 10 6 years ago."
  10. Papering over Windsor blaze
  11. Twenty-seven schoolchildren were injured in an explosion at Hartsdown leisure centre in Margate, Kent, yesterday while watching firemen fighting a blaze there.
  12. When photos were published of one of the workers who fought the blaze, he was described half jokingly as "Atomic Stan", and "the most radioactive man in Britain".
  13. Blaze: Motown's new soul searchers

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