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Перевод: boredom speek boredom



  1. The anarchic and the political, the anger and the boredom, are all active in Wilde's transgressive aesthetic, and most especially when the survival strategies of subordination - subterfuge, lying, evasion - are aesthetically transvalued into weapons of attack, but ever working obliquely through irony, ambiguity, mimicry, and impersonation.
  2. To Marmeladov, Raskolnikov, and the underground man, I now add Svidrigailov, because the chief enormity which is being confessed, or merely admitted to, or flaunted, or feigned, binds Stavrogin to the America-minded debauchee no less tightly than does the boredom theme of the "At Tikhon's" chapter.
  3. When we were six to two on evening patrol, to be truthful, we used to go out looking for drunk and disorderlies - just to stop the bloody boredom.
  4. Of course they will inevitably suffer moments, even hours, of boredom.
  5. Students say that pedalling helps their concentration - they have to use their brains because they don't have hands free to open dictionaries - and that the class helps to reduce the boredom of pedalling for an hour.
  6. Some lack of enthusiasm is caused by a habitual attitude of boredom and hopelessness, and the simple remedy to this is often to commence a regimen of positive thought.
  7. All courts had their stretches of boredom, even that of the Second Empire, in spite of its reputation for brilliance and verve, though habitus of other royal palaces found the French Court infinitely preferable to those of other European sovereigns.
  8. THE BIGGEST problem facing theoretical particle physicists is boredom, claims an experimenter.
  9. Equally, to yawn is to act bored, to admit and even to flaunt kinship with Svidligailov, and the evil-omened word listless ( vyali ) that dogs Stavrogin, though he never uses it himself, corresponds to the other man's terminal boredom.
  10. Should you feel that you are stagnating in your abyss of boredom, use your mind by studying something which has always interested you instead of something you needed to know in order to keep your job.
  11. East Germans find consensus only in boredom: Edward Steen, in East Berlin for the 40th anniversary celebrations, reflects on how illusions have been shattered and triumphal propaganda now has a hollow ring
  12. Canvassers for the main parties report "white-hot indifference" mingled with "raging boredom" as householders slam their doors on them or attack them with peashooters and water pistols from upper windows with a degree of commitment to the democratic process which experienced observers described as "unprecedented" and "profoundly conducive to thought".
  13. Boredom a sign of failure, he wrote.

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