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Перевод слова

Перевод: brag speek brag

хвастовство; хвастун ;
хвастаться; хвастать; похвастать; бахвалиться; кичиться


  1. And certainly not Rod, who likes to brag about his off-the-job exploits at the meat factory where he works.
  2. Get angry about this bully, this cheap punk, this yob who reckons that you are a soft option; this hooligan who scouts the streets for weaker victims, who wants to beat you senseless so that he can brag about it to his beer-swilling pals in the local pub.
  3. If we wanted to play a game that is not rough we could stick to bridge or three-card brag.
  4. There's no better inspiration for shrugging off slothfulness than Glen Shiel, which rewards with such a high score of tops and something worthwhile to brag about to those who spent Saturday and Sunday vacuuming the car with a cordless hoover.
  5. He imbibed too much, too often and too frequently and, when in his cups, was included to brag and boast.
  6. The brag lives in rivers or lakes and the object of all his eccentric ploys is to lure an unwary passer-by into the water for amusement.
  7. The immediate outcome was that I now had someone to take me around, and I used to brag a bit about "my" Corporal.
  8. After a few hits most brag that they can compete (Britain's Goldcrest is a famous example) and then find that one big failure ("Revolution") destroys them.
  9. Immodest, she will brag about pressures she faces.
  10. We were respectable Home Counties middle class, but nothing special, nothing to brag about.
  11. Brag
  12. Yet this America gave the world hip hop: arts which brag that ghetto values can equal their middle class opposites; music which takes pride in the language of the marginal.
  13. Not only was he a very good all-round ace with playing-cards, specifically at the popular games of the evening, pontoon, brag, and poker, but an added sideline of his was the large money-box placed on the centre of the table.

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