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Перевод слова

Перевод: breakfast speek breakfast

утренний завтрак; завтрак ;


  1. This just produces a swift blood sugar surge which rapidly declines - a solid breakfast which releases energy slowly is far better.
  2. They were all at breakfast and lunch."
  3. Breakfast is a hearty buffet; clients booking half board take their evening meal in the nearby Schnablwirt hotel.
  4. More than one in four people leave home in the morning without eating breakfast and many also skip lunch.
  5. And if you find that sprinkling on just a little bran in no way detracts from your bowl of breakfast cereal, then you will be tempted to continue to do so.
  6. She lights the gas stove, and makes herself a breakfast of muesli, wholemeal toast and decaffeinated coffee.
  7. Big toe to Big Breakfast
  8. All the same, she was late for breakfast.
  9. It is a little after breakfast and the Koons have just walked into their first scandal of the day.
  10. I suppose I'm not surprised, upon getting the bill, to find our stay isn't exactly a bargain - 138.60 for dinner, bed and breakfast for two.
  11. A breakfast that leaves you feeling full gets your diet off to a great start.
  12. Restaurant serves an excellent three-course meal for about 11; full breakfast in the large cafeteria is 3.75.
  13. Before his hand could reach her face she jumped back, crying, "You do that, Father, you do that just once and there'll be one less for breakfast tomorrow morning, and I mean that.

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