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Перевод слова

Перевод: bridesmaid speek bridesmaid

подружка невесты


  1. Bridesmaid Katie wore a replica on her mother's dress and niece Emma wore a variation in the same blush colour.
  2. Above: Chief bridesmaid, Christine and god-daughter Jessica
  3. Is your fianc's brother making your life difficult or are you struggling to find the perfect bridesmaid's present?
  4. Falmouth Bridal Centre stock dresses for sale and hire in sizes 10 to 26 from designers like Ronald Joyce and Hilary Morgan - there's over 400 designs to choose from and over 800 bridesmaid dresses to complement.
  5. They had come all the way from Chatham in Kent, bringing Beryl in bridesmaid's dress.
  6. All the time I'm either bingeing (in secret) or doing loads of exercise; I really feel desperate to lose weight because I'm going to be a bridesmaid soon, and I don't want to look like a splodge at my brother's wedding.
  8. "I thought any time she was going to ask me to be bridesmaid."
  9. Passing Anchor Bridge, Peter Scudamore - who had taken Anthony Tory's place on Docklands Express - and the National's most regular "bridesmaid" Chris Grant, on Stay on Tracks, were both plenty close enough.
  10. Shanti was a bridesmaid for her sister Sara, and then again for our Nigerian friend Justina who was married from our house.
  11. Ann Butler had written to Uncle Nathan in Leeds to say that when Sarah went there to act as bridesmaid to her sister Christiana, she would stay on to be his new housekeeper.
  12. The show ended with a wedding scene, the bride's dress and veil costing just 10, bridesmaid's dress 5, and groom's frock coat and trousers, plus dinner jacket, 15.
  13. But he did have to endure the ordeal of being photographed between the bride and bridesmaid.

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