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Перевод слова

Перевод: broom speek broom

метла ; веник ; ракитник ; ракита ;
мести; подметать


  1. We made the non-slip surfaces by stippling the tops with a bass broom - a fairly new one works best.
  2. Still guarding his little pile of sticks no doubt, or even jumping over the broom with a Romany.
  3. In one of their battles they chased each other ten times up and down the house, Beatrice armed with a long straw broom and Modigliani with a pot.
  4. Ma Bombie had scratched round it with a broom as ancient as herself and with slightly fewer bristles than she had on her chin.
  5. Luke handed her a broom.
  6. Sam spent the next morning poking his broom everywhere it was wanted and a few places it wasn't until he had swept up several titbits of very interesting information.
  7. Three First Division members of the management committee John Smith of Liverpool, Aston Villa's Doug Ellis and Robert Chase of Norwich City - are known to favour Sandford as a new broom from outside football.
  8. The broom was no longer against the wall, though that was not conclusive.
  9. But there was a new broom coming into the English Faculty at this period and, although younger than Simpson, Wilson, Garrod and the rest, he appeared to be more radically reactionary.
  10. "Just hunting for my broom, sir," said Sam.
  11. We had rather a lot to drink, and before I knew where I was I found myself being hustled into a broom closet by three men.
  12. 5 If you wonder how someone like Sam Fifield-Hall (page 87) keeps her flagstones looking polished, here's a tip: detergent and heavy steam-cleaning wash away the glow with the dirt, so Sam suggests a quick once-over with a broom, then a soft-shoe shuffle in sheepskin slippers.
  13. for the leopards and broom plants

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