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Перевод слова

Перевод: buddy speek buddy

дружище ; приятель ; пердун [сл.]


  1. May Jupiter forgive me for saying this Buddy - but I do think his head would go nice on your mantelpiece.
  2. I discovered Buddy Guy, who was playing in Muddy Waters' band and there was this album called "Folk Festival Of The Blues", which was the first album that Buddy Guy had appeared on.
  3. Sal Mineo was like my big brother, James Dean was my buddy
  4. This included projects with Randy Newman, Chet Atkins and Buddy Guy, and also continued Knopfler's previous association, from "Local Hero" and "Cal", with further film soundtracks.
  5. The strings available to Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran in the mid-'50s would have ranged from medium (.011-.52 or more) to heavy (.013-.60) gauge and would have included a wound third.
  6. "Buddy was painting a Van Gogh," said Koch.
  7. "But blow wise to this, buddy, blow wise to this: Never play cards with a man named Doc.
  8. Ron Wood invited Buddy to stay on stage for his own short set and then Gary Moore strode on once again, his keyboard player teasing the audience with a few notes from the Stone's classic Satisfaction , hinting at what was to come.
  9. NOW YOU'VE stopped laughing at the idea of Kevin Costner in tights, you can have a chuckle at the cast rumoured to be lined up for his Robin Hood movie Prince Of Thieves - Danny DeVito (above) as Friar Tuck, either Patsy Kensit, Emily Lloyd or Imogen Stubbs as Maid Marian and as Robin's big buddy Little John, John Goodman, who is reported to have been paid 750,000 just to stay interested in playing Fred Flintstone while the producers look for a script
  10. Unlike Buddy Holly's version, Linda's is not in A but in E, a key which still gives some nice open-string options.
  11. At the Villa Claro AD 61 Dear Buddy,
  12. Facing a gathering wave of criticism over his frequent crew swaps, and predilection to take the wheel ahead of his professional helmsmen, Buddy Melges and Kimo Worthington, Koch announced a "final" crew.
  13. Buddy Holly comes somewhere between the subjects of those and more parasitic biographies.

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