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Перевод слова

Перевод: carve speek carve

вырез`ать; резать; высекать; гравировать; разделывать; делить; дробить


  1. It is a standard carve gybe where, instead of letting the sail rotate around the front of the board, it is deliberately thrown overhead, involving a "duck" underneath the sail.
  2. Although all lengths of board will carve gybe, the longer all-round funboards need a higher level of skill than the more responsive 3.30m size of board which is ideally suited to first attempts.
  3. The most common cause is that of the front hand being too far forward on the boom, which causes luffing problems in the water start and the beach start and gives insufficient speed in the carve gybe.
  4. On the carve gybe you can note where the back foot is positioned, the extent of the knee bend and the rig position.
  5. All too often people have a board with footstraps, so they assume they should be doing funboard manoeuvres, such as the carve gybe.
  6. Above all, the historians were inspired to carve out of the record of the past an exclusive nationalist slice.
  7. In the carve gybe this is a good thing since a competent windsurfer will cut many corners of the original technique to make it smoother.
  8. The carve gybe appears as one of the manoeuvres of Level 4, so before attempting to carve gybe you should be able to do all the material in the preceding levels.
  9. Lee Dickenson explains how he came to carve the massive "Chindit" sculpture, which won the Arbortech Woodcarver competition at the 1990 Woodworker Show.
  10. As stated earlier, whereas creative artists such as authors commit words to paper, artists paint or carve and composers write scores away from the performers, choreographers create movements directly on the dancers in front of them.
  11. An obvious one might be to execute three good carve gybes.
  12. Leila drives, a remarkable performance given that we are so wet and steaming that she must peer through condensation thick enough to carve.
  13. " and carve them into art forms which the Coriads purchase and contemplate to stimulate their lateral thinking."

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