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Перевод слова

Перевод: catch speek catch

поимка ; захват ; улов ; добыча ; защелка ; хитрость ; уловка ; ловушка ; подковырка ; выгодное приобретение; выгода ; задвижка ; шпингалет ; щеколда ; упор ; захватывающее приспособление; запирающее приспособление; стяжной болт; тормоз ; стопор ; арретир ; приостановка ;
поймать; схватить; ловить; застигнуть; застать; задерживать; догнать; уловить; прихлопнуть; зацепить; задевать; защемить; зацепиться; поддеть; провести; поймать в ловушку; подлавливать; попасть; ударить; заразиться; успевать; расслышать; привлекать внимание; прерывать; перебивать; загораться; схватывать; покрываться льдом


  1. And as that line emitted from the speakers, several thousand Levi-clad youths walked towards their bedroom Dansettes in a state of disbelief, flipping the needle back a quarter of an inch, in order to catch the line for a second time.
  2. Both catch the film's elegiac mood, bathed in southern sunshine but overhung with impending death.
  3. They might have been intended to catch the blade of an opponent, thus preventing it from sliding past the hilt, and injuring the holder."
  4. For once, Jones was unable to catch Anderton and Grobbelaar could not prevent the shot creeping into the Liverpool net.
  5. When they were wet from rain or swimming in the oceans, the light might catch on some deep oil in them and they would glimmer shadowy rainbows of colour, like oil spills on a road.
  6. In some waters they are extremely hard to catch, in others the are ridiculously easy.
  7. Hemmings took a catch to dismiss Logie, who was beginning to look dangerous, and then the wickets slithered away - including Harper run out by a fine throw from Hemmings, who was having a wonderful time.
  8. Unscrupulous bird exporters don't care: they simply catch more birds, and as long as a few per cage survive, they are still in profit.
  9. Then - just linger over your coffee and liqueurs and watch the stars come out (maybe you'll catch a falling one!) - or if you re in the mood, follow your ears (you'll be hard pressed not to!) and make your way to one of the liveliest and most action-packed nightclubs this side of Manhattan - Sango's Place!
  10. What can he do for anyone in that graveyard of a city except catch their rot and pass it on to us in the long run?
  11. But B knows that he will catch everything going - and so he does.
  12. Faldo had to wait until the "89 Masters before he could catch up with Lyle and maybe the picture of him on the 11th green, the second hole of a sudden-death play-off with Scott Hoch, encapsulates Europe's men in the majors in the Eighties.
  13. Stirling kicked open the door and threw in a grenade, apparently saying "Here, catch."

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