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Перевод слова

Перевод: certainty speek certainty

несомненный факт; уверенность


  1. If the rate of crime increases when the adverse social conditions which have been linked to it are becoming ameliorated, the answer must lie elsewhere: either in the failure of the criminal justice system to deliver sanctions with sufficient certainty or positiveness (the "New Right" analysis), or in changes in the availability of criminal opportunities in the environment (administrative criminology).
  2. He suddenly went cold, with a dreadful certainty.
  3. Newman's "venture", like Pascal's wager, identified belief as a commitment undergone without the certainty of God's existence - indeed a commitment that makes sense only without that certainty.
  4. We can possess a mathematical certainty that two and two make four, but this rarely matters to us.
  5. It is just possible that, given the choice, they might prefer the risk of an occasional torn ear or scratched nose to the certainty of a totally sexless adult life.
  6. The child starts off with an in-built certainty that sooner or later his intelligence will clash with his religious teaching.
  7. Hitler's personal magnetism, his unique demagogic talents, his strength of will, apparent self-confidence and certainty of action, and his indispensability to the Movement (which had fractured without his leadership following the ill-fated Putsch of 1923), all provided the foundations of charismatic authority of extraordinary strength within his own entourage, resting upon bonds of personal loyalty.
  8. Next is a desire to maximise fixed interest rate financing thereby providing some degree of certainty as to the project's financial cost.
  9. We have already seen that Hobbes and Gassendi diverged from Bacon's belief that the scrutiny of natural histories would enable one to reach certainty about the causes of things, and thought that one could produce conjectures and hypotheses at best.
  10. When his form is good, he straight drives with awesome certainty, barely bothering to run as he knows his timing has ensured a boundary.
  11. If the criminal law is to impose further duties on citizens, it is important to take account of the legality principles, particularly the principle of maximum certainty (see Chapter 3.3 (i) and (g)).
  12. Dr Shirley Robin Letwin is the author of "The Pursuit of Certainty: Hume, Bentham, J.S.Mill, the Webbs".
  13. So it is not yet possible to say with absolute certainty, using evoked potentials that are correlated with reports of conscious mental events, whether or not an individual external event has resulted in a particular mental event.

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