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Перевод слова

Перевод: chamber speek chamber

комната ; палата ; холостая меблированная квартира; контора адвоката; кабинет судьи; камера ; полость ; камора ; патронник ; прострел ; ночной горшок;
заключать в камеру; высверливать; рассверливать; расширять дно скважины


  1. In the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries this jurisdiction was abandoned by the Chancellor and passed to the Court of Star Chamber.
  2. It is the last exhibit in the show - an alcohol-vapour cloud chamber that displays continuously the tracks of the Earth's background irradiation and made by the Phywe company, West Germany.
  3. As the animal grew it secreted a wall ( septum ) between the body chamber and the chamber immediately behind - walled off part of its home as it were.
  4. "My lord's letter to me was headed simply: Upper Chamber, The Garden Tower .
  5. The internal filter usually consists of a pump/powerhead mounted over a chamber filled with foam (though other media can be used).
  6. By early 1990 an "NEPP-plus" containing additional measures was being prepared by the Cabinet for submission to the Second Chamber.
  7. I tremble at the thought of Mr Kinnock entering the lion's den of Europe, going "naked into the conference chamber", as his old hero Aneurin Bevan put it.
  8. A petition calling for an inquiry into the allegations was signed by 15,118 people and a delegation headed by Raymond Wolseley of the Junior Chamber of Commerce went to Stormont to plead, vainly, for a change of policy.
  9. Direct injection, where the fuel is burned inside the cylinder head instead of in a separate chamber, is another big advance now used increasingly on smaller car engines.
  10. The third Artisans' Dinner, this time in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall, seemed as jolly as ever and was supported by seven members of the Reading Football Club team.
  11. As I have said before, the intellectual aristocracy of B.P., who lived near the Park or had private transport, were able to take part in many home-made activities, such as the pleasure of organising and playing in small domestic chamber concerts, or chess, bridge, tennis, dancing, and amateur dramatics.
  12. "You believe the princes are held in the upper chamber, my lady?"
  13. His work with the youthful Chamber Orchestra of Europe confirms both a commitment to training and to performing new works.

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