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Перевод слова

Перевод: chisel speek chisel

стамеска ; зубило; долото; резец ; чекан ; отруби ;
ваять; высекать; рубить; долбить; работать долотом; работать зубилом; работать стамеской; работать чеканом; отделывать; надувать; обманывать


  1. Even the bullnose chisel of the stonecarver found its reflection in the woodcarver's kit, though no manufacturer to my knowledge has ever marketed this variation.
  2. Sixteen gouges and one bent skew chisel.
  3. Chisel ploughs are heavy rigid- or spring-tined cultivators which break up and stir the topsoil.
  4. It can be used as an incisor; a grounder; skew chisel; it can do some modelling, cleaning corners, curved "V" cuts that twist and turn, has the tight size and bend to enable good control regardless of grain, and gets the blue ribbon.
  5. Remove any existing weather bar by prising it away with an old chisel
  6. A set of fine carving bits is also supplied, including a 3/8in gouge, 3/8in bent gouge, 3/8in V-tool, 5/8in gouge and 1/2in chisel.
  7. Spring-tined cultivators with tines at about six-inch spacing, are much lighter than chisel ploughs.
  8. He pointed to Huayna Picchu; he pointed to a chisel of rock.
  9. Breaking the top of the bend will leave a jagged projection to gently chisel out, after plugging the soil pipe with paper or rag, to prevent particles going down the pipe and possibly blocking the drain.
  10. I would advise the interested enthusiast to purchase the smaller set that includes the skew chisel C17, and try those before going the whole hog.
  11. When is a chisel not a chisel?
  12. (The previous method was to leave the pieces slightly large, and then to ease them by plane or chisel until they fitted into the mortises, etc.)
  13. In this technique a V-profile chisel, the graver, is pushed over the surface of the metal in order to remove a sliver of metal.

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