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Перевод слова

Перевод: circumstance speek circumstance

обстоятельство; случай ; подробность ; деталь ; церемония


  1. A mitigating circumstance is the fact that few library users restrict themselves to one source alone for obtaining books.
  2. It leaves out place and circumstance, the powerful and unconscious drive of material interests and class identity.
  3. This circumstance could include the bridging of an original dpc by "remedial" rendering applied over insufficiently weather-tight brickwork.
  4. All too often moralists tend to regard a person's moral life as the story of how he proves himself in the face of moral demands imposed on him by chance and circumstance.
  5. Now the remarkable circumstance, recorded by Anna Dostoevsky in her memoirs, is that her husband had a foreboding of political disturbances at the Academy, and fearing that his brother-in-law "because of his youthfulness and weakness of character might take an active part in them", he persuaded Anna's mother it would be a good thing if the young man came to them in Dresden: which he did in October of 1869, the month before Ivanov was murdered.
  6. Tossed about between the two, he lacked a stable background, a circumstance which was aggravated by the changes in the fortunes of the Bonaparte family as a whole.
  7. This circumstance encourages me to hope that you may, if you have any opening for such a youth, be willing to take George , who is exceedingly desirous of obtaining the situation - or indeed any situation which through industry and a desire of improvement may hereafter insure a creditable independence; but, above all things he seems to wish that it may be possible for you to take him into a situation similar to that which was offered to his Brother.
  8. The phrase that the law is an ass, because it falls to cover the circumstance, is a common pairing lime on the part of the neighbourhood men in situations like this.
  9. And that control became positively wondrous when you consider the other altered circumstance - in Dublin, the Australians were operating before rugby forgot its central themes, before it came charging off the tracks and awarded the put-in to the other team in indeterminate rucks and mauls - turning rugby into an uncontrolled and frothy nothing.
  10. Except in unusual circumstance, each day's business ends with a half-hour debate on the motion that "the House do now adjourn".
  11. But this was not a circumstance of homicide.
  12. Abstracts are intended to be as concise as the nature of a particular topic being dealt with allows and not to be detailed rule-books dealing with every conceivable circumstance."
  13. The child's willingness to talk about his family and his home, however, will be much more likely to reflect his own individual circumstance.

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