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Перевод слова

Перевод: citation speek citation

ссылка ; упоминание; цитирование; цитата ; перечисление; вызов в суд; упоминание в списках отличившихся


  1. These signs include data on circulation; the number of papers and letters submitted for publication, pages published, and advertisements placed; data from readers on which papers they read and what they like and dislike; citation data; "influence data" (like mentions of the BMJ in parliament or the New York Times ); and financial data.
  2. The relationship between citation and use is particularly complicated, and it is not yet known what factors determine which items in a collection will be read or cited and the relative importance of age among them.
  3. The work he did for his Doctorat de l'Universite, awarded with the citation "bien" in 1965, formed the basis for his first book, The Law Governing Employment in International Organisations (1967), which remains a source much used by courts and tribunals including the Hague International Court of Justice.
  4. This citation order must be selected in accordance with the user's requirements and perspective; it may follow the educational and scientific consensus of opinion as to which are the more important groupings.
  5. "It is a principle of construction of United Kingdom statutes, now too well established to call for citation of authority, that the words of a statute passed after the Treaty has been signed and dealing with the subject matter of the international obligation of the United Kingdom, are to be construed, if they are reasonably capable of bearing such a meaning, as intended to carry out the obligation, and not to be inconsistent with it.
  6. The Citation Index lists all the previously published items cited in the articles listed in the Source Index.
  7. This should not reduce the usefulness of the reference, since the prime function of a citation is that of referring an interested reader to another work rather than that of publicly applauding the contribution of individual authors.
  8. In fact, neither Clinical Ecology nor the Journal of Nutritional Medicine is even mentioned in the Science Citation Index Journal Citation Reports .
  9. So he comes to the conclusion at the end of further citation from the Montreal Tramways case that the plaintiff was entitled to maintain the action.
  10. Pittsburgh has a strong neighbourhood heritage and its Rand McNally citation as "most livable city in the USA" in 1985 owed much to the feelings of intimacy residents felt towards their neighbourhood.
  11. Simultaneously with the work on integrative levels was consideration of citation order.
  12. The form and time of citation are not prescribed by the Act.
  13. This essay began with a citation from a book on how parents could select the sex of their offspring.

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