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Перевод слова

Перевод: clash speek clash

лязг ; гул ; шум ; столкновение; конфликт ;
сталкиваться; стукаться; ударяться друг о друга; приходить в столкновение; расходиться; совпадать во времени; конфликтовать; дисгармонировать; ударять с грохотом; производить гул; производить звон; производить шум; звонить во все колокола


  1. Six candidates are embroiled in a Commons clash over who will succeed Bernard Wetherill.
  2. This means that Ndlovu is likely to miss the Villa clash.
  3. However, in a head-on clash, the weight and armour-piercing qualities of the Christian forces were virtually unstoppable.
  4. However, against Chelsea today at Goodison Park, Southall will simply wear black, and look an even more formidable sight for the likes of Mick Harford and Robert Fleck in a game which acts as a preview for their Coca Cola Cup clash.
  5. Clash of the TARTANS
  6. International: Clash closer in rival claims to Black Sea Fleet
  7. Blissett, 28, of Rickmansworth, Herts, was sent off after the clash in December 1991.
  8. Which is what Mick Jones of The Clash did.
  9. "I realise the European Tour will not be too happy but I blame them anyway for the clash of dates," Faldo said.
  10. The one certain way to ensure a head-on clash was to organise a non-Unionist march through the city centre.
  11. They'll be joined by the winner of today's eagerly-awaited clash between long-time Wimbledon rivals, Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker.
  12. Captain Sensible once invaded the stage during an early Clash gig on the continent.
  13. Hungary's old guard attacks reformers: "Stone Age" conservatives are set to clash with "monetarists" at the party congress starting today, Imre Karacs writes from Budapest

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