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Перевод слова

Перевод: cling speek cling

прилипать; цепляться; держаться; липнуть; лепиться; льнуть; оставаться верным; облегать (о платье)


  1. She seemed to cling to it.
  2. Crusader castles cling to jagged crests or rise up from barren plains.
  3. Place in a shallow dish and cover with cling film until needed.
  4. Or: (for microwaving) place the pears in a deep dish, e.g. souffl type, pour wine sauce over them and cover with cling film.
  5. They needed to understand that, at times, one or other symbolized the abandoning parent, reactivating in the other the child's need to protest or cling.
  6. From eight months onwards they are likely to protest loudly about being passed around, and cling to the person they know best.
  7. There's only so much you can cling to - your credibility, your belief in small cottage industries - whatever.
  8. We have yet to experience any hard frosts, so autumn leaves still cling to branches and there are still a few flowers of white dead nettle, red campion and yarrow to attract the last of the drone flies.
  9. However in order to cling with grim determination to the ancient beliefs which quite unavoidably preceded intelligent religious thought, religious leaders have refused to accept the fact.
  10. Between them they expressed the opposing feelings so often displayed by young children in the peak age of attachment: on the one hand, the protest and fury about being left - cries of rage - and then a sullen refusal to acknowledge and come to the mother; on the other hand, the desperate yearning for the loved one and a need to cling and not let go.
  11. Moreover, there is not so much to smell when you are flying high up and away from the scents and aromas that cling to the Earth - or even if, like man, your nose stands at a height of five or six feet, rarely bending towards the ground.
  12. Simply to Thy cross I cling;
  13. Sauces cling more easily to complex-shaped pasta.

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