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Перевод: clinical speek clinical



  1. The clinical teacher has another role, as counsellor to the learner.
  2. Further, as is often the case, the clinical conditions might be regarded as rather extreme cases of variability in the ease with which we adjust our body clock, a process that is found normally within the human population.
  3. This seems the most appropriate way to use Bloom's Taxonomy (1956) in clinical teaching.
  4. RCN labour relations officer Phil Gray says the college is committed to maintaining clinical grading but is nevertheless involved in talks about potential job evaluation schemes in various parts of the country.
  5. Where possible, the clinical teacher arranges for the ward staff to allocate patient care to provide the best experience for the learner in this supervised role.
  6. A good aromatherapist, whether basically intuitive (akin to a spiritual healer), clinical (advocating internal doses of essential oils) or multi-skilled, will tread the holistic path.
  7. The virus is highly infectious to those who have not previously been exposed to it, but the majority of people have a degree of immunity due to past clinical or symptomless mouth or face infection.
  8. In the health service, job evaluation systems already cover ancillary, administrative and technical staff, but in nursing, where Whitley pay and conditions of service have long been established and clinical grading is now under way, there are many who think job evaluation is unnecessary.
  9. The job is what the individual makes it, and the onus is on the clinical teacher to explain her role and ensure that it is recognised by all.
  10. The clinical teacher must be adaptable, as the objectives set for the student may need to be revised because of altered patient care.
  11. During their period of farm isolation the goats intermittently exhibited large abscesses which are the obvious clinical symptoms of lumpy goat disease, Caseous lymphadenitis.
  12. Where there is close liaison between ward teachers and the school of nursing, and where ward experience is part of a planned programme, this information will be available from previous teaching; but where these conditions do not exist it is necessary for the clinical teacher to carry out her own checks with the students before the teaching can be planned.
  13. Solon, the most active derivative, went forward for clinical trials.

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