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Перевод слова

Перевод: clip speek clip

зажим ; скрепка ; ножницы ; скоба ; зажимная скоба; зажимные клещи; зажимное приспособление; клипс ; патронная обойма ; хомутик ; стрижка ; настриг шерсти; сильный удар; быстрая походка; клип ; дерзкая девчонка;
зажимать; сжимать; крепко обхватывать; закреплять; скреплять; стричь; настричь; обрез`ать; отрезать; отсекать; обрубать; обрывать; сокращать; делать вырезки; глотать; пробивать; компостировать; бежать; быстро идти; ударить кулаком; обманывать; надувать


  2. There will be a range of thermal beard extensions which will simply clip on to or over the existing facial fur, providing the customer with that little bit of extra insulation.
  3. If your Poodle is in a lamb clip or similar style then pay particular attention to the inside of the legs and around the anus and hocks, to ensure there are no knots.
  4. Once you have used the gun, it can be left to stand facing upwards thanks to a sprung metal supporting clip on the base of the handle.
  5. A mounting clip is available for fixing the alarm in larger openings.
  6. Grant handed him his personal transceiver to clip on to Delaney's webbing.
  7. Science: Scissors to clip the wings of a virus
  8. If you are running with two lead dogs then you clip one on each of the front tug lines, and neck line them together.
  9. Name Aucuba japonica "Variegata" Common name Spotted laurel In leaf evergreen Ideal height 6-;10ft Clip in April Features Dense and glossy; gold-speckled leaves
  10. Bend the l.e.d. leads through a right angle and solder it in place so that it will protrude through the panel mounting clip when the circuit board is placed in the case.
  11. "Henry!" said Elinor, in a voice that suggested that if he didn't shut up he might get a clip round the ear.
  12. Perhaps a quick pull and a dyno clip?
  13. On the bad side, the lack of a notch filter is unfortunate and there are a number of faults - the "clip" indicators, the noisy switch and the badly imbalanced outputs - which indicate the need for some re-thinking at the factory.

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