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Перевод слова

Перевод: colon speek colon

ободочная кишка; толстая кишка; двоеточие; колон


  1. Type in the Drive letter, plus colon and backslash, thus "A: ", plus a Carriage Return and a browse menu will display the printer drivers that the disk contains.
  2. Significant colon inflammation was induced in the colitic groups compared with the saline treated animals as measured by the colon macroscopic score, colon weight and colon weight/ body weight ratio (p0.05) (Table II).
  3. For six months I looked after a valiant clerical worker with cancer of the colon, which had spread to her liver before her condition was diagnosed.
  4. As the colonic damage exceeded 6 on the colon macroscopic score, enteral administration of terra fullonica became less effective as an antiendotoxin measure (colon macroscopic score 6, endotoxin conc 4.9 (1.4); colon macroscopic score 6, endotoxin conc 35.9 (13.3): p0.05 Mann Whitney).
  5. Although fibre has no positive food value, it plays an important role in maintaining a healthy digestive tract, aiding in the passage of waste and the elimination of fat and poisonous chemicals which cause constipation, inflammation of the colon and worse.
  6. You will be faced with one or more prompts , words followed by a colon, eg TRANSFER: which may not have responses already filled in.
  7. Intracolonic instillation of 35 mg trinitro benzene sulphonic acid in ethanol in a further group of eight animals induced a more severe colitis (35 mg trinitro benzene sulphonic acid/ ethanol, colon macroscopic score 7.50 (0.27); 25 mg trinitro benzene sulphonic acid/ethanol, colon macroscopic score 5.38 (0.18), p0.05 Mann Whitney).
  8. If you look through this book you will find we have used the semi-colon and, less frequently, the colon.
  9. Impacted faeces stretches the colon and the muscles become loose.
  10. SCREEN legend Audrey Hepburn left hospital yesterday after last week's operation to remove a tumour from her colon.
  11. Disease of the colon, diabetes, haemorrhoids, varicose veins, mental illness, arthritis and tooth decay all play their part in reducing the quality of life for large numbers of people each year.
  12. Make sure you're in C colon backslash.
  13. About 75% of occult primary tumours are below the diaphragm, predominantly in the pancreas, colon, stomach, and liver.

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