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Перевод слова

Перевод: component speek component

составной; составляющий; слагающий;
компонент ; деталь ; составная часть; составной элемент


  1. This is best for complex and highly organised skills where component parts interact.
  2. Many metal objects are made of more than one component.
  3. Here it seems important to distinguish between Hitler's image as portrayed to and perceived by the mass of the population, in which anti-Semitism was no more than a subsidiary component of the "Fhrer myth", and his image as viewed from within the Nazi Movement and sections of the State bureaucracy, where his "mission" to destroy the Jews functioned as a symbolic motivating force for the Party and SS, and an activating and legitimating agent for government initiatives to "force the pace" in finding a "radical solution" to the "Jewish Question".
  4. The last component of the rainbow coalition that I want to refer to is feminism.
  5. I suspect the vehicle has a worn steering relay or other steering component allowing the vehicle to "wander".
  6. The probabilities for events that could initiate a LOCA - pipe or component failures, transients and so on - is derived in part from data banks that store information on failure rates from reactors around the world, but the large majority of probabilities of system failures are determined from fault-tree techniques.
  7. The RSC had been consulted by the National Curriculum Council over proposed revisions to the science component of the national curriculum and QEB was pleased to note that the main thrust of the RSC's response had been accepted by the NCC.
  8. In fact, the rate at which a bee learns each component differs dramatically between various geographic races of honey bee, strongly implicating a genetic basis for the different learning curves.
  9. Once the component parts have been established, their order in terms of time-scale can be decided.
  10. The component had been genetically engineered to produce a vaccine highly effective against all strains.
  11. Without the SCN the ultradian rhythms would continue - only the 24-hour component would be missing.
  12. Many different component causes can add together to produce a particular outcome, a process known as multiple causality.
  13. Ferrari chose to hide its two-pedal Mondial on component supplier Valeo's stand in the faint hope of convincing people its clutchless transmission was no more than a experimental engineering car.

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