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Перевод слова

Перевод: compromise speek compromise

компромисс ;
идти на компромисс; компрометировать; подвергать риску; подвергать опасности


  1. It is finding that the phrase "equal opportunity" is usually a meaningless compromise; if the good things of life are really dependent on opportunity - which everyone knows they are not; would the rich and powerful really be so careless? - what human agency has the hubris to imagine it can deal out opportunity in a fair or even meritorious fashion?
  2. Mr Yitzhak Shamir, Prime Minister, who announced the compromise at the start of a delayed Cabinet meeting, said later it was made "in the shadow of" the forthcoming general election.
  3. Ironically, one of Mr Yeltsin's critics, Mr Ruslan Khasbulatov, speaker of parliament, might have swung him a few votes by appealing at the start of the session for deputies to behave responsibly, seek compromise and encourage "dialogue, not monologue".
  4. The Moldavians, given an ultimatum by Mr Gorbachev to settle their ethnic conflicts by the year's end, decided to compromise rather than test the president's readiness to resort to force.
  5. And on one occasion at least the deputies themselves had to pronounce on a crucial compromise resolution whose text had not even been distributed.
  6. These are both highly controversial instances: Winterbotham's pioneering account, Lewin's detailed study, and Calvocoressi's memoir disagree as to whether Coventry was sacrificed in order not to compromise the source of intelligence.
  7. The DUP is working in an environment in which there are no great rewards for compromise and accommodation.
  8. The parent could then suggest a compromise, such as "I will undertake not to go into your room, then I won't feel upset and can't nag you.
  9. But while some senior Tories are urging a softening of the "no compromise" line on Scotland, others are urging the party to stand firm and endorse an approach which increased the party's vote north of the border by 1.5 per cent.
  10. If you want children now, and he wants them in five years, or you want two and he wants six, you can probably reach a compromise.
  11. It was agreed to incorporate most of the alterations, except that a compromise was reached on the Craft subjects.
  12. The second is that coalition or minority government involves taking account of the views of others and even, perhaps, having to compromise.
  13. The operational objectives of each agency have to be properly understood by the professional parties involved so that areas of conflict and compromise in practice can be identified and service provision improved.

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