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Перевод: concerted speek concerted



  1. The posturing must stop, concerted steps taken and some of the money being channelled into development should be redirected into more stringent enforcement of anti-doping measures.
  2. Meanwhile, ministers rallied in a concerted effort to denounce rumours of a rift between Mr Lawson and Margaret Thatcher.
  3. Through the New Times of Burma and the Burmese Weekly we did everything possible to appeal for a concerted effort to restore the cultivation of rice to the pre-war level.
  4. from my vantage point I saw nothing in the few seconds between the County Inspector's announcement to have incited what appeared to be a concerted start by the police.
  5. As a result, African governments seldom have a concerted strategy for dealing with donors.
  6. Tomorrow is Day 7, and you need to make a concerted effort to ensure that the results at the beginning of Day 8 really demonstrate your progress through the week.
  7. MICHAEL Grade, head of Channel 4, is to make a concerted attack on the movie world supremacy of television presenter Barry Norman.
  8. So many bodies doing so many varied local duties created a lack of concerted effort and so Parliament gradually absorbed these boards into the local government machine by transferring their functions one by one to the local authorities.
  9. Only concerted action and investigation by the government can right these tragic injustices that continue to occur.
  10. The 1957 White Paper confirmed in their minds that the decline in British power had reached a point where the concerted pressure of world opinion, particularly in the United Nations, would throw the door wide open for them to walk through into their heritage of immediate rather than prudently timed independence.
  11. MINISTERS HAVE opened a concerted campaign to sell a softer government image in a belated attempt to pre-empt rank-and-file revolt at this week's Conservative conference in Blackpool.
  12. While such statements could be interpreted as being passive rather than negative in terms of the advancement of building surveying, the Report went on to state that building surveyors "have been less ebullient than quantity surveyors in recent years - partly because they are less numerous and their work less homogeneous or well defined; but, to a large extent because they have made a less prolonged and concerted effort to develop their skills and explore the horizons of opportunity, although there has of late been a welcome resurgence in this respect".
  13. By October 1989, therefore, the time was right for a concerted diplomatic initiative against drift-net fishing.

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