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Перевод слова

Перевод: conclusive speek conclusive

заключительный; решающий; окончательный; убедительный


  1. Not conclusive anyway - he cd have been interested in Development generally"
  2. Organic foods were originally mainly sought after by people suffering from various food allergies as conclusive evidence of links between many allergies as conclusive evidence of links between many allergies and other problems and the use of pesticides and modern agri-chemicals was produced.
  3. But when no announcements of conclusive victory emerged in the following few weeks, people began - as was reported towards the end of October - to express their impatience that the struggle for Stalingrad was taking too long and costing too many lives.
  4. THE most conclusive evidence, to date, in support of a physical link between objects with significantly different red-shifts."
  5. The moment for which Archie will always be remembered by Palace fans was when he scored our fourth and conclusive goal after a marvellous run from the centre-circle to defeat the FA Cup-holders, Wolves (4-;2) in a thrilling replay up at the old Crystal Palace in January 1909.
  6. This question of the benefit to be achieved from library activities has generated a good deal of literature, none of it very conclusive.
  7. Near the edge of the roof above , some fairly large blisters have developed in the felt covering so it seems conclusive that the two things are related .
  8. Oceanographers have found conclusive proof.
  9. The results were not conclusive, but there were certainly no incidents of the sort that had started his interest.
  10. The evidence in this extract is conclusive, and it can therefore be definitively stated that Agatha Christie's source for the character of Hercule Poirot was Speke, Parot .
  11. The conclusive objection to "kit of tools" or "job in hand" as appropriate expressions when we talk of poetry, is in some late lines by Eliot:
  12. More conclusive evidence comes from experiments in which the nucleus is removed from a fertilized egg, and is replaced by the nucleus of a cell which is already set on the road to becoming, for example, a gut cell or a skin cell.
  13. It concerned the toxic effects of atmospheric lead and was characterised by a series of comments like "It's claimed that even low levels of lead can cause brain damage", "It's been difficult to get conclusive evidence", "There's a whole lot of evidence", "Yes but there is conflicting evidence", all delivered without any one of the four speakers actually providing figures to explain what the concern and disagreement was all about.

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