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Перевод: condiment speek condiment



  1. Popular with people who cannot take drinks containing caffeine Tomato, Lime Basil Soup p111 Tortilla Chip Pie p104 Turkey with Mexican Pepper Sauce p105 Venison with Mixed Peppercorns p51 Vinaigrette p31 Vine Fruits p61/ The generic term for currants, sultanas and raisins Vinegar p30/ A fermented condiment for table or culinary use, based on alcoholic liquor
  2. The pungency of mustard is only realised when it is mixed with cold water; salt, vinegar and hot water inhibit the flavour, producing a milder condiment.
  3. Julia de Fontenelle did not approve of flour extenders: "Wheatflour," she wrote, "harms the quality of this condiment.
  4. Sea salt is usually available in coarse or fine grades and is best used from a salt mill as a condiment.
  5. It is used on salads and as a general condiment.
  6. A thin salty sauce used as the main condiment throughout the Far East, virtually replacing dry salt.
  7. In short, during the past four hundred years the lemon has become, in cooking, the condiment which has largely replaced the vinegar, the verjuice (preserved juice of green grapes), the pomegranate juice, the bitter orange juice, the mustard and wine compounds which were the acidifiers poured so freely into the cooking pots of sixteenth and seventeenth-century Europe.
  8. Vinegar is more than just a table condiment to sprinkle over chips.
  9. Salt (a very large container - useful for icy front doorsteps as well as a condiment)
  10. There will be lavish servings of vegetables (cabbage, turnips, dried mushrooms), pork, chicken, fish (the trinity of wealth, luck and health) and shellfish with every imaginable condiment and delicacy, such as sliced jellyfish with vinegar and soy sauce.
  11. Everyone has heard that the mustard giants make their money from the amount of the condiment that is left on the sides of our plates.
  12. They are sometimes mixed with other spices, such as allspice or coriander seeds, for a table condiment.
  13. Marinated Green Olives p44 Mettwurst p14/ A smoked German spreading sausage Mexican foods pp102-;6 Mexican Tomato Soup p104 Mie Noodles p52/ Flat egg noodles, similar to egg pasta, used in Eastern cookery Mortadella p14/ An Italian slicing sausage often flavoured with pistachio nuts Mushroom Souffls p109 Mustard p60/ A spicy condiment made from ground mustard seeds and available in various strengths

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