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Перевод слова

Перевод: constabulary speek constabulary

полиция ; полицейские силы; полицейский


  1. Nixon was a District Inspector in the Royal Irish, later Royal Ulster, Constabulary who was sacked in 1924 for making a fiercely unionist speech at an Orange function.
  2. Outside the schoolroom there was much to excite a boy - fair-days, the Royal Irish Constabulary, the donkey races, the pig-killings, the fights outside the public houses, the drumming of the Orange parades and the occasional riots.
  3. Rioting became common and the British Army had to be called in to replace the overstretched Royal Ulster Constabulary.
  4. ONE of the most hated organisations in the Philippines, the Constabulary, was disbanded on December 31st.
  5. Firstly, the Ulster Special Constabulary, invented to supplement the main police force, was derived largely from the former Ulster Volunteer Force.
  6. THE ALLEGATION that the Royal Ulster Constabulary contains an "Inner Circle" of officers preparing private lists of IRA suspects and working against the Anglo-Irish agreement has lent a new dimension to the security force-loyalist collusion saga.
  7. At last she was satisfied that the local constabulary would diligently seek the animal, and departed.
  8. The Pribram constabulary caught the offenders, three girls and two boys aged between 13 and 14.
  9. Your dear new uncle-in-law whom I was fortunate enough to encounter on the morning train from Paddington agrees that it would be nice if our friends from the constabulary were to join us."
  10. I handed over a Ford transit van and its human contents to the Sussex constabulary.
  11. ENGLAND'S second warm-up match for the Nehru Trophy may not have been the biggest event here yesterday (of the 100 or so people who turned up, about a dozen were neither sponsors nor members of the Delhi constabulary), but it did, by happy chance, provide near-perfect practice for their opening group match against Sri Lanka tomorrow.
  12. Italy got around this by declaring the Gulf operation an "international constabulary measure".
  13. The organisation claimed he was a Catholic who had been involved with the Army, the Royal Ulster Constabulary and loyalist terrorists.

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