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Перевод: cooling



  1. The power stations may be cooled by an open circuit, when located on a river or by the sea, or by a closed circuit with a cooling tower, or again, as at Chinon, to meet environmental conditions, by forced draught.
  2. First, there may be a more or less continuous emission of steam and other vapours, not carrying much solid material, which forms a white column rather like the plume above a power-station cooling tower.
  3. Swimming in the cooling of aqua sources.
  4. This accident alarmed safety scientists in Europe because is showed that even a small break in the cooling circuit, if combined with faults in equipment and human error, could be as serious as a large rupture.
  5. To his right and left spreads a familiar landscape, so familiar that he does not really see it, an expanse of houses and factories, warehouses and sheds, railway lines and canals, piles of scrap metal and heaps of damaged cars, container ports and lorry parks, cooling towers and gasometers.
  6. The turbo is not just a bolt-on "goodie" for a normally aspirated engine The turbo engine has uprated valve gear, bearings, fuel pump and manifolding as well as improved cooling and lubrication systems I would not expect the normal 2 5 engine fitted with an after market turbo to have the same longevity as the factory built turbo diesel engine
  7. And as if this isn't enough, Kos has wonderful weather with a frequent cooling on-shore breeze and is still comparatively undiscovered compared to some Greek holiday isles.
  8. Then came predictions that a severe drought would limit Expo's water supply, vital in cooling the site and central to the designs of many of the 95 pavilions - not least Britain's where a spectacular wall of water cascades down the faade.
  9. The cost of cooling the memory makes it uneconomical for small systems, but it would be feasible in large memories.
  10. Plants were designed and built with emergency core cooling (ECC) systems and safety arrangements to cope with this extreme LOCA.
  11. Behind the plastic fascia inside a typical aircraft is the metal fuselage, electrical contacts and pipework taking fuel from the wing tanks to the engines, cooling the interior of the aircraft en route.
  12. Cooling it
  13. Thinking there was too much water in the system, rather than too little, they turned off even the emergency cooling system which had by then been activated.

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