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Перевод слова

Перевод: coordinate speek coordinate

одного разряда; одного ранга; той же степени; равный; одинаковый; не подчиненный; координированный; сочиненный;
координата ; система координат; ровня ;
координировать; устанавливать правильное соотношение; согласовывать; увязать; увязывать


  1. He/she in turn coordinates the work of other staff involved - the subject specialist librarians (see next section) and/or the departmental representatives appointed to coordinate their department's requirements will the library staff.
  2. The reason for this choice is associated with the convenience of aligning the coordinate directions with the shear axes on the surface on which the two waves mutually focus each other.
  3. More specifically, his experiments showed, he claimed, that the cells always developed according to their relative position within the embryo, and this sense of position required that there be a self-organizing coordinate system which told the cells their position and that they then knew what to do.
  4. The religious work centred on evangelism: George Cadbury supported "Free Church parishes" in order better to coordinate as well as to encourage evangelistic effort.
  5. This is achieved by extending the coordinate range to (15.17) where .
  6. In the road haulage industry the trade union representative may have to travel to other regions in the country to coordinate practice and policy and should advise his employer of the importance of this type of work to avoid misunderstandings.
  7. Ernst, Garca-Daz and Hauser (1987 a ) have shown that an Ehlers transformation (12.13) applied to the Ernst function of the Nutku-Halil solution (13.3), together with a simple coordinate transformation, yields a non-colinear generalization of the Ferrari Ibaez soliton solution that was described in Section 10.4 but only with even integer values of the parameter .
  8. A particular excavated level (corresponding, for example, to a bronze Age occupation floor) can be "modelled" on a computer screen and the power of coordinate geometry embodied in a sophisticated computer program allows us to view it from any angle and at any elevation.
  9. If cells have their position specified as in a coordinate system and also have rules for interpreting the positional information, then it is possible, with the appropriate rules for interpretation, to generate any pattern that is required, from faces - even the Mona Lisa - to limbs.
  10. According to a theorem of Tariq and Tupper (1974), this new solution must as be the Bertotti-Robinson space-time in a different coordinate system.
  11. In order to retain the one-to-one correspondence, it is appropriate initially to restrict the Bell-Szekeres coordinate x to the range .
  12. Every season brings its own particular delights, the trick is to coordinate them together perfectly, says Andrew Wilson
  13. It is also sometimes convenient (Clarke and Hayward, 1989) to make the further coordinate transformation (15.13) With this, the line element (15.12) takes the alternative form of the Bertotti-Robinson line element (15.14) Region IV is now described by the line element (15.14) with the coordinate ranges given by (15.15) This is joined to regions II and III across the surfaces .

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