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Перевод слова

Перевод: cost speek cost

цена ; стоимость ; расходы ; затраты ; издержки ; судебные издержки;
стоить; дорого стоить; обходиться; расценивать; назначать цену


  1. The Perkins 4203 diesel of 3 3 litres would probably be your best choice It will fit the LR chassis without modification The cost is relatively low (300-500) and including overhaul and adaptor kit should not cost over 1,000 plus the cost of an overdrive needed to achieve a realistic cruising speed
  2. This is the major reason for the extremely low cost of the country's gasifiers.
  3. J. H.E.P. is cheap to produce, once the cost of the dam, the power station and the cables for distribution of the electricity have been paid for.
  4. Its success is almost invariably limited to the few cases where free advice enables a businessman to make immediate cost savings.
  5. Start by calculating the real cost of crime to your business and your employees by carrying out a "Crime Audit" and use it to produce a written strategy on crime prevention in your business.
  6. As a way of reducing the cost, the Department of Education and Science, where the Minister for Sport presently resides, have been looking at such extreme measures as the feasibility of turning primary classrooms into temporary swimming pools.
  7. Charles V's coronation, and the feast which followed it, cost the city over 7,712 livres , according to Varin's Archives Administratives de Reims .
  8. Some schools do provide for students to be granted a scholarship towards the cost of tuition, but there are not many endowments of this kind.
  9. The cost is rising because there is no blending.
  10. In previous years the British Independent Programme Producers Association had taken a stand and we were initially distressed to find that this was not to be the case in 1990 - a decision based on the exorbitant cost (they will retain a stand at MIP-TV).
  11. In some cases there was help towards the cost of educating minister's children and towards a retirement home.
  12. Under pressure and under personal attack, the planners retreated into a legalistic interpretation of their role, making much of the requirements of various Acts of Parliament most notably The Sewerage (Scotland) Act of 1968 which, they argued, obliged them to service all new houses, something which they could only do by concentrating properties in particular places in order to reduce the cost of such an exercise.
  13. One would expect those whose dementia was more advanced or who had more problematic home circumstances to be heavier consumers of community care services, and thus to cost more to sustain at home.

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