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Перевод слова

Перевод: criminal speek criminal

преступный; криминальный; уголовный;
уголовник ; уголовный преступник; преступник


  1. Unlike applications for interception in other criminal cases there was no procedure for judicial authorization in the case of security applications.
  2. In English criminal law there are now two alternative fault requirements for murder: an intent to kill, or an intent to cause grievous bodily harm.
  3. Since it is possible that more than one defence might be raised in each case, sometimes in combination with a defence of lack of intent, a system of criminal law which offers seven qualified defences to murder risks undue complication and confusion in contested cases.
  4. Since the start of 1986, the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 has authorized "road checks" under certain conditions.
  5. The teacher's conduct has to be obscene or criminal before sterner measures are employed.
  6. In Britain, most juries would find it depraving and corrupting to solicit members of the public to become voyeurs of an actual rape, murder, and dismemberment, but a new criminal test based not on the effect of the work, but on the circumstances of its production could provide one more useful link in the chain of criminal provisions which modern media law requires.
  7. And, although child abduction is a criminal offence, finding the child often comes too late for prosecution to take place - the parent has already left Britain.
  8. M. Levi: The corporate criminal in prison
  9. A former probation officer, she blames the way professionals are trained to see the criminal as the main concern, with justice for the victim - if thought about at all - regarded as an optional extra.
  10. Special safeguards will apply to protect employees of system operators to ensure that those who are careless or negligent will not be accused of criminal offences.
  11. The person to bring the first challenge was Tim Crook, a radio journalist, whose campaign for more open justice to the European Commission led to the reforms contained in the Criminal Justice Act 1988.
  12. They reflect the fact that some groups in society can create laws, and can determine what behaviour is seen as criminal.
  13. Without labouring the point, it is clear that not all deviant behaviour is criminal, and it is important to be aware of the distinction between the two concepts.

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