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Перевод слова

Перевод: cripple speek cripple

калека ; инвалид ;
калечить; искалечить; перекалечить; уродовать; лишать трудоспособности; повреждать; приводить в негодность; наносить вред; наносить урон


  1. He was just another fucking cripple.
  2. But rules that strengthen banks in good times can cripple them in recessions.
  3. The cripple turned to make off into the undergrowth and as he did so there was a twang from Marian's bow and one of his crutches spun from under him and he was down one-sidedly.
  4. There was never even a possibility that Barney Clark would ever be more than a wretched cripple.
  5. His anxiety was that the cost of unification would cripple the West German economy, an anxiety I was to hear expressed on several occasions.
  6. Mine the art of the cripple, the retarded, the autistic, not the beautiful and whole.
  7. "Yes, it is," the cripple crowed.
  8. I cannot remember Mrs. Jeffery who must have died when I was quite small but her two daughters Miss Lottie Jeffery, a cripple and Mrs. Bruton continued living in the house.
  9. "You're not a bad lad, Jackie," grunted the overseer handing it over, "for a cripple."
  11. The last of the six was occupied by Miss Kate Grace, a cripple from birth, who spent almost all day and every day standing on her crutches at the street door.
  12. To be described as surplus to requirements, perhaps after many years of loyal and diligent service, can cripple the self-esteem of even the most resilient person.
  13. They are recalled as somewhat sad, dependent figures: a "poor old fellow" who went out to his sister for his meals; "a right cripple" who had been unable to work for over ten years; "a very old gentleman" who scraped together a living by selling vegetables and tomatoes which he grew in his greenhouse, but was "very unhappy" because he had quarrelled with his drunken son.

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