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Перевод слова

Перевод: crucial speek crucial

решающий; критический; крестообразный


  1. But does the crucial significance of this understanding of divine agency require that we think of God as a person?
  2. Mr Roberts's narrative account of the crucial months grips and convinces.
  3. It is of crucial importance to avoid a result in which there is an overall reduction in the quantity or quality of attention given to the child.
  4. Temperature control is crucial, with 50% of the common British species unable to survive in normal summers without some method of cooling the water.
  5. There was a crucial Cabinet on Friday July 23rd, at which Lord Salisbury threatened to resign and was supported by Harry Crookshank.
  6. It's crucial to realise, to remember, to know, that this is not just an intriguing way of looking at our lives.
  7. The sense of national community is indeed crucial to citizenship.
  8. She has made a crucial contribution to the race and representation debate in the U.S. Through works of self-investigation and transformation Piper explores her own racial identity and forces viewers to question their own values and beliefs.
  9. The Washington talks will centre on the crucial issue of who will represent the Palestinians.
  10. There were two crucial moments in Mr Clinton's rise and Mr Bush's fall.
  11. There is little wrong with the tenor and even toughness of the Code but its weakness is that it is unrealistic when crucial choices have to be made by its members.
  12. RIVAL Democratic presidential candidates Mr Bill Clinton and Mr Jerry Brown taunted each other at the weekend as mudslinging in the battle for votes in tomorrow's crucial New York primary reached a new low.
  13. The crucial issue which this sort of situation emphasises is the vital importance of perception between persons of different cultures, which can only be partially ameliorated by the procedure suggested by James Lee.

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