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Перевод слова

Перевод: curiosity speek curiosity

любознательность ; любопытство; странность ; редкость ; диковина ; редкая вещь; антикварная вещь


  1. The third common expression for which my journalistic curiosity found the origin, was "Hobson's choice".
  2. "Is your question one of personal curiosity, or does it represent an official line of enquiry?" countered Toby, crossing his skeletal ankles.
  3. But though everyone was near dead of curiosity, he had kept it a secret what he was planning.
  4. Though he admits he could do with the cash from ticket receipts (2.4m at the Science Museum in 1989, 1.9m at the Natural History), Sir David argues that the British Museum "should be freely available to everyone - to stretch minds, stimulate their curiosity and provide for their academic needs."
  5. Richard asked suddenly, impelled by the curiosity that drives people to stare at and question the survivors of some calamity.
  6. Ranging wide over ancient aphorisms, Professor Noel Dilly struck precisely the right note of scepticism, receptivity and curiosity.
  7. It remains a subject of some curiosity that this apparently exceptional event occurred just at the time that the Greenpeace boat was moored offshore.
  8. These openings can be found by ramblers who prefer daylight to darkness and, like me, like to wander in search of them, but the black labyrinth to which they lead, the complex network below ground, is reserved exclusively for those experienced in subterranean travel, hardy adventurers who risk rockfalls and flooding to satisfy an insatiable curiosity to go where few men have been before, to see what few men have seen before.
  9. His imagination and curiosity fired by reading many accounts of expeditions and discoveries in Asia, he travelled to India in 1864.
  10. As she felt the muscular ridges pulsing and throbbing she almost sobbed aloud from a mixture of fear, curiosity and excitement, but at least the thing was no longer between her legs.
  11. Curiosity got the better of Yanto however, and having vaulted the fence, he made his way over the one hundred and fifty yards of re-claimed field that separated the pub from the riverbank.
  12. I have of late had two letters from him, in which he has shown such an easy and familiar way of expressing his thoughts, such a delight for improvement and so much exactness and dilligence in the making of observations that I look upon him to go onward with a curiosity and genious superior to most of his occupation.
  13. The office was empty when Jay got in, and she slid her dream onto her desk with a work folder to hide it from Francis's camp curiosity.

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