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Перевод слова

Перевод: cynical speek cynical

циничный; бесстыдный


  1. I don't like him, but he's a cynical bastard and won't be taken in by the likes of Buckmaster."
  2. Labour has committed itself to a wide range of civil-liberties legislation and constitutional reform when it returns to government, to counter what its Deputy Leader, Mr Hattersley, has described as the vulnerability of traditional freedoms to the dual threat of "legal restriction and a cynical partnership between Government and private enterprise".
  3. Cynical readers might be forgiven for thinking that concentrating on the minutiae of standards is a convenient way of avoiding the subject of how the industry is faring in a depressed market - but they would be wrong.
  4. Given the most cynical interpretation, although one that seems to be surprisingly widely held in New York, "those four beautiful books have become the most glamorous mail order catalogue in history."
  5. If he can produce no grand reason for abandoning left-wing Labour attitudes, people will be forgiven if they conclude that the change was cynical and opportunistic and that Mr Kinnock is more interested in gaining office than in doing anything in particular once he has arrived at the top.
  6. Does one have to be a Scrooge to by cynical about pleasures which are derived from escaping reality rather than embracing it?
  7. In 1988 Eyre directed various Chekhov pieces under the title of The Sneeze at the Aldwych, and that same year he again joined forces with Alec Guinness, who played the tired cynical pessimist Botvinnik in Lee Blessing's A Walk in the Woods at the Comedy Theatre.
  8. She'd probably have the bad taste to put him in one of her cynical, satirical stories.
  9. Am I being unduly cynical?
  10. The notion that British spectators would be bored by a regular diet of "continental" football (whatever that means: "patient", I suppose) once again appeared fatuous as play flowed from end to end without too much of the cynical tackling that used to ruin the Spanish game.
  11. Most observers, however, believe the problem started with cynical Congress intrigues to split the main Sikh Party, the Akali Dal.
  12. It doesn't seem like it if you consider some of the most recent press reports: endless bickering about which London group will bid for the Olympics in the year 2000; the decision for the 1992 Games not to allow the slower marathoners to finish in the stadium because they will interfere with the closing ceremony; Charlie Francis's cynical opinion that most of the world's top athletes are on drugs.
  13. Their new songs range from the rhythmic and tuneful Big Nuthin', with its gently cynical catalogue of the anticlimaxes of life, to an unaccompanied half-spoken, half-sung piece, The Anti-sex Backlash Of The Eighties, dealing wittily and angrily with sexual politics.

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