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Перевод слова

Перевод: dam speek dam

дамба ; плотина ; запруда ; перемычка ; мол ; запруженная вода; гать ; матка ;
запруживать; запруживать воду


  1. The dam on the Caroni River has a 9,000 megawatt capacity and is intended to supply 60% of Venezuela's electricity by 1986.
  2. These include unstable soil and rock masses; a thick bed of crystalline limestone underlying the dam site and outcropping in the reservoir, which is a potential source of leaks; also the possibility of earthquakes caused by the weight of water in the reservoir.
  3. But the dam is situated in a valley hit by landslides.
  4. The explosives, which were described as nothing more than an experiment, were detonated just above a dam built in January and breached last week.
  5. Recruited for a tricky mission, he pinions a German plane under his own, crashes into a dam, floods a German base and goes out in a blaze of glory, having saved the British fleet from likely destruction.
  6. Moreover there is, at present, no constitution way that the federal government can stop the dam.
  7. A 16.1m dam will hold back a 2.6-mile-long artificial lake to be known as the Roadford Reservoir.
  8. Zambians in the Kafue National Park take fry from the tributaries of the Kafue River using Government-issued mosquito nets because they can't fish the main river for adult fish as the new Lake created by the hydro-electric dam did not have the standing trees removed before flooding.
  9. The Mahaweli Programme is a 2000 million scheme to dam Sri Lanka's 300 kilometre Mahaweli river.
  10. I had the feeling on reading it that a dam had just burst, and that she had a great deal more to say.
  11. The Longhorn's main role at present seems to be as a suckler dam or terminal sire and their popularity among commercial farmers is noticeably on the increase.
  12. The density of the landfall was critical to calculating at what moment the dam would capitulate.
  13. Jack pike downstream of Elvington dam.

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