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Перевод слова

Перевод: database speek database

база данных; банк данных


  1. IBM's Programming Systems Division last week announced a strategic partnership with Object Design Inc and says it will use the Burlington, Massachusetts-based firm's ObjectStore object database for all of its future object-based application development.
  2. Modern scientific excavation techniques yield prodigious quantities of data, and the abilities of even quite simple personal computer database programs to organise, tabulate and sort this information offer the archaeologist very obvious benefits.
  3. I have just received a request (not quite a demand) from Expotel for 350 (+10% commission on bookings) to join its hotel database, otherwise I risk falling off its screens.
  4. If, as some database vendors believe, the SQL Access Group doesn't fulfill its promises, then suppliers are likely to turn IBM's alternative DRDA Distributed Relational Database Architecture.
  5. To do this, an interface will be built to IBM's database access technology, the Distributed Relational Database Architecture - support for third party DRDA-compliant databases will follow later next year.
  6. Hypermedia is software that retrieves information from a variety of different sources, stored on different media, and presents all this information as a single coherent database.
  7. Hence, Herring et al. (1988) described the design of SQL extensions to a new object-oriented GIS; Abel (1988) has reported work on the creation of SQL-based spatial extensions to a relational database in the "Spatial Information in a Relational Open-architecture database management system" (SIRO-DBMS) project; and Ingram and Phillips (1988) have designed spatial extensions to a hybrid GIS data model.
  8. For the money, and knowing Sun these list prices will be negotiable, the customer gets the core design database and the key development tools Sun uses internally.
  9. These suppliers - all SQL Access Group members - say that IBM's point blank refusal to join the SQL Access Group will ensure that Distributed Relational Database Architecture becomes a de facto standard.
  10. That is stored in a database and any Staffs school with the right technical facilities may log into it and get up-to-date details of the farm.
  11. Improvements to Ark printing are in the offing, Mr Round believes, as are facilities for transferring data into Ark, which will allow data to be loaded automatically from the firm's AS/400 database without rekeying.
  12. One well known database is Major Hazard Incident Data Service (MHIDAS) global industrial hazards database which is currently being developed by the Safety and Reliability Directorate on behalf of the Major Hazards Assessment Unit of the UK Health and Safety Directorate.
  13. The system is less satisfactory in that you can only extract meaningful information from a bar code if you have a computer equipped with a suitable decoding system and database.

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