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Перевод слова

Перевод: decline speek decline

падение; упадок ; спад ; уменьшение; снижение; ухудшение; склон ; конец ; закат ; изнурительная болезнь; уклон ;
наклоняться; склоняться; клониться; заходить; уменьшаться; идти на убыль; спадать; приходить в упадок; ухудшаться; идти к концу; подходить к концу; отклонять предложение; отказываться; отказывать; наклонять; склонять; просклонять


  1. I wrote to my tutor at Brasenose asking for advice on what to read, and he suggested some "shorter essays" such as Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (in six volumes).
  2. Mr Moran added to that decline when his Billingsgate-based merchant business, R W Larkin, opened a swanky new fishmonger in London's King's Road to which fish is delivered from port agents around Britain, and also from Boulogne.
  3. Their deteriorating physical and mental health offers only the prospect of further decline and the ultimate sentence of old age - death.
  4. Joseph Feshbach, whose Southgate Partners manages 900m in short positions, feels that the price of bank shares does not yet reflect the decline in property values.
  5. The second was the decision of the American Supreme Court that they should divest themselves of monopoly control of the cinema chains which, as Heston said, was in hindsight a death blow which merely served to hasten the financial decline of each and every studio.
  6. But the welfare has started to decline before the suffering occurs.
  7. It was an almost convincing affirmation of his feelings for Sara (as Coleridge would henceforward write her name) and his fervour for Pantisocracy certainly showed no decline in the coming weeks.
  8. Planar growth and decline
  9. Raising funds for a redundant church is extremely difficult, particularly in a town like Halifax, which was suffering from industrial decline and had numerous other major buildings in search of funds.
  10. And as the Saatchi shares peaked ahead of the 1987 stock market crash the seeds of its financial decline had already been sown.
  11. The evidence presented for this by the "New Realists" and others is the seemingly inexorable rise of crime and the decline of "clear-up" rates (Lea et al .,
  12. In 1986-;89, the average annual decline in their market share was around 1%; in 1989-;90 it fell by 0.3%.
  13. The new patterns of the economy, the steady decline of manufacturing industry (in which 6.5 m. of the population were directly employed at the end of the seventies) as against the rise of the service and transport sector (which employed 7.25 m. at the start of 1980) also told in favour of the redistribution of resources in favour of particular regions and occupational groups.

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