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Перевод слова

Перевод: dilapidated

ветхий; полуразрушенный; полуразвалившийся; неряшливо одетый; неопрятный


  1. Some were dilapidated, others restored, some hideous, others glorious.
  2. Frank Miller, the writer responsible for The Dark Knight Returns (and the script for Robocop 2 ) teams up with Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons for the bi-monthly comic Give Me Liberty , a politically sussed futuristic take on the dilapidated American Dream.
  3. The Resolution Trust Corporation, the federal agency that takes over bust thrifts, also has a multi-billion junk-bond portfolio that came with its dilapidated charges.
  4. Now, at a cost of around 7 million, he has, and the dilapidated eight-storey warehouse has become the Tribeca Film Centre, a tailor-made prestige base for De Niro's company, and other East Coast film types: Brian De Palma has offices there, as do Miramax, the independent company that produced sex, lies and videotape .
  5. The houses were even meaner than those in Wolverton, and much more dilapidated.
  6. Under an agreement with the mostly Pakistani residents, the trust bought for 1 each the dilapidated Grade II-listed homes, dating from 1848-;51, after they had been threatened with demolition.
  7. Shiny new BMWs were lined up for sale on the forecourt of what I took to be a condemned block of woefully austere flats, with a dilapidated factory next door.
  8. Only the dilapidated roads remind the visitor that this is Eastern Europe.
  9. Small took the wheel of a dilapidated pick-up, while two men knelt behind the cab with shotguns.
  10. In the metropolis, its seats were largely dilapidated older boroughs; it held none of the thriving suburban seats or commuter constituencies.
  11. Seven years ago, needing more space for their family (two daughters, currently both art students) and their work, they decided to move, and to take on a rather dilapidated but unrestored farmhouse.
  12. My Trial , Cave and the Bad Seeds were staging their own dilapidated equivalents to "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" and "Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart", in the gently obliterating, slowly gathering, morose grandeur of "Sad Waters" and "Stranger Than Kindness".
  13. The landlord is abroad and the caretaker seems to have no power to maintain these dilapidated premises.

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